The Nxai Pan National Park is basically a salt pan. After a good rainfall water flows into the pan and on the grass country. The fossil pans of Nxai Pan offer spectacular, seasonal game-viewing in the rainy season (November - March). Huge herds of Zebra, Wildebeest, Springbok and Gemsbok attract many predators - Lion, Cheetah and both brown and spotted Hyena. There are large numbers of Bat Eared Fox, which preys on rodents and reptiles. This is one of the few areas in Botswana that is more interesting during the rainy season - when huge herds hit the Nxai's grassy pans. The numbers can be staggering; wildebeest, zebra and gemsbok appear in their thousands, along with large herds of other Antelope and Giraffe.

The way into the pan should be travelled only by an all-wheel-drive vehicle.

  • Your guide will pick you up early morning (around 5h30) at your pre-arranged location in Maun. After getting to know each other, you will make your way to the Nxai Pan for a thrilling Full Day Safari.

    After arriving in the pans, your guide will prepare a delicious breakfast to give you all the needed energy for this exciting day.

  • A light lunch will also be served in the late afternoon.

  • Drop off will be late afternoon in Maun.