Explore the Okavango Delta’s intricate network of winding channels and glassy lagoons onboard a sleek, motorised boat that covers great distances, showcasing magnificent views of the watery landscape. The unique perspective from the boat offers great sightings of water birds, such as ponderous herons, colourful bee-eaters, solemn owls and jewelled kingfishers. Tiny reed frogs cling to stilt-like grasses, creating colourful dots along the water’s surface.

Discover this watery heart of this majestic landscape, which echoes with the regal call of the African fish eagle. Many larger mammals including all of the big can be spotted from the speedboat during your baiting safari including getting very close to Hippos, crocodiles and Elephants. 



Seeing wildlife from the water is a nice alternative to (always) game viewing from a safari vehicle, and in the Delta you’re going to see a cross section of landscapes from narrow waterways, to larger rivers, to huge lagoons.

Some areas will be papyrus-lined, others will have jackalberry and other large trees on the banks and then you‘ll go through a few places where savannah is on one side and dense vegetation on the other. It’s photogenic and relaxing, and of course if game comes down to the edge of the water you can get very close to them, for a different angle and hopefully some lovely photos.

Taking a motor boat trip is a very different experience from being in a mokoro. For most people it’s easier enjoy for longer as you’re not so restricted to sitting in one position all the time, you can get up and move and the seats are more comfortable. It’s closer to being on a safari drive, but just on the water!



The Okavango Delta is renowned as one of Africa’s top fishing destinations. Try your hand at catching a diverse variety of fish in the still waters of the Okavango Delta

Surrounded by wildlife, your presence in the Okavango Delta as you enjoy a spot of fishing will not go unnoticed – every creature in the vicinity will know you are there! Crocodiles and Hippos will be especially watchful, this is their domain and don’t they know it….Fishing in the Okavango Delta may sound extreme when you consider that you are in a remote wilderness which is known for its high density of wildlife. You are out-numbered for sure, but a fishing safari here is more about what you gain from the overall experience, and less about what you catch.

When you set off in a mokoro with your fishing guide you are in a unique position to take in the magnificent scenery in the heart of the Delta. With a drink at your elbow and such beauty all around you can truly relax in the silence and peace of this watery paradise, at the heart of the Kalahari Desert.


Birdlife is prolific and the variety of species is astounding – African Fish Eagle and Pel’s Fishing Owl are just some of the birds sharing your penchant for fishing. If you stand at the water’s edge and cast your line, you could be sharing the space with Buffalo and Elephant.

There are about 85 fish species in the Okavango Delta. Common species include Tilapia, Bass and Bream, although many anglers go after the ferocious river-bred Tiger Fish, found in some lagoons and where the Okavango River feeds into the Delta.

The African Pike is another great fighting fish, but you’ll also be able to catch huge Catfish into the bargain. Fishing in the Okavango Delta is especially good between March and December.


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